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Reverse.su - The fastest residential Socks5 and HTTP proxy network

Reverse.su - The fastest residential Socks5 and HTTP proxy network

In our promo period we are giving free 2$ credit to anyone who registers. If you wish to get more credit please don't hesitate to contact us directly on jabber and we will be glad to assist you. We can add you credit to test bulk service or per socks purchase.

Any requests for client information by a third party or law enforcement will be denied. We do not keep IP Address records. All you need to create and access your account is a username and password. Because we do not require your name, phone number, email address, or any other personal information, it is almost impossible to prove ownership of an account. This is great for those concerned about privacy, but bad for those who forget their passwords often. Write down your username and password!

All payments are done using Bitcoin. Feel free to mix coin to our system. We will never accept PayPal. If you have never used Bitcoin and need help making a payment, contact us over jabber or using contact form. Be sure to include your Jabber information.

Credit System
Use the payment system to deposit credit into your account using Bitcoin. Our credit is a dollar based currency that can be used to buy products. When you purchase a product credit is deducted from your account. There is no minimum or maximum deposit amount.

Daily Proxies
Daily Proxies are paid for by the day. You can filter proxies by country, state, and city. When you purchase one, credit is deducted from your account. If the proxy dies within 15 minutes of purchase, our system will automatically refund the deducted credit. After 24 hours the proxy will expire and be removed from your account. If you want to use it for another day simply purchase it again.

Proxy Packages
Proxy Packages are for those wanting access to a large network of proxies for an extended period of time. Packaged proxies rely on a switching system tuned for automation software. Every proxy allows for unlimited connections. Unlike our competitors, when a packaged proxy goes offline it is replaced with an online one instantly. Not 10 minutes later!

Unlimited Connections
The servers our systems rely on are all quad core, dedicated, unmetered, and have 100 Mb connections. All of our proxies accept unlimited connections and requests. There is no delay in proxy response due to another connection.

All info can be found at


# How to use individual socks and how to use packages?

- Individual socks

1) Login to Your account, go to Daily Proxies
2) Select Country, State, City if available
3) Click on IP to buy it, You will get IP : PORT - PASSWORD
4) Set in Browser settings IP : PORT. If plan to use Socks 5 type any username while password is provided on panel IP : PORT - PASSWORD
5) Socks You purchased are available on Your account page, http://www.reverse.su/account.php

- Packages

1) Download Proxifier. Link is on Your account page, http://www.reverse.su/account.php (Click on key)
2) Run it and input Your Proxifier key
3) Select countries You want proxies from (BR,VN,CA) or select all (*)
4) Load proxies from new generate file Proxies.txt inside directory from where your run Proxifier
5) Be amazed :D

The Reverse.su Proxifier Application is required to use the packages service. This application enables automated port switching if a proxy goes offline and converts all http/https/socks4 traffic into socks5 authenticated for our servers.

In case you cannot use Proxifier for whatever reason or it does not work with Your application it is possible to run it on a Windows RDP box and it will retain the same functionality.

# What are the pricing plans for packages or individual socks, etc?

- All packages prices are available online at

We offer Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 socks
Each plan comes in individual packages of 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 ports (if You need more contact us for discount)
Each package can be purchased per weekly basis or monthly basis.

# How can I contact support?

- Add them on one of the following JIDs or all. We use multiple servers in case one is down we will still be available for you.

Support #1

Support #2

Support #3

Or send us a ticket

# What is jabber, XAMPP, OTR? How do I use it?

- Install pidgin from pidgin.im

- Install Off-the-Record Messaging (OTR) from http://www.cypherpunks.ca/otr/

- Activate OTR plugin from plugin menu

- Register at some random jabber server.

- Login

- Add Support

- Manual fingerprint verification

- Start bugging :)

# How do I get BitCoins?

- You can use few different exchange sites or private exchangers. We recommend using one of following:

Jabber 555555471@jabba.biz

Other exchange sites